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Join Our THINKTANK team to Research and Develop Winning Strategies to trade the Markets !!!

Posted on July 29, 2020 05:17 pm


I am Excited to share the start of my Dream Project. Basically it’s a team of THINKTANK. There is always a limitation when working as an individual, So the Idea is to Group like minded people together and work as a Team. So ideas can be shared in a common platform and Brain stormed to Perfection.

 the Team would be responsible for developing new Strategies and systems. The team as of now will compromise of

1)     3 Researchers

2)     3 Programmers and

3)     2 Feedback Team ( Critics)

 Different teams will be created after this pilot project.

The Researchers would be given tasks to research on markets. They  will have to study the pattern and support it with back testing results. All researchers will be assigned a programmer to code the same and backtest .

The Results will be handed over to the Feedback team who has to find out the flaws and also on why the tested concept may not work. This will avoid BIAS and develop better understanding of the system.  Bascially a feedback mechanism.

All successful concepts will be shared across the team for Implementation. ( Automation is what we are aiming at) 



For research team and Feedback :

1)     Burning Desire to Succeed in Markets

2)     Minimum 5 years as an Active trader in the Markets

3)     Thinkers ( free flow of thought, Creativity)

4)     Passion for number crunching ,Code Breaking and  Puzzle solving

5)     Perseverance despite losses

6)     Should be willing to spend man hours every week day on the project

7)     Should Eat Market, Sleep market and Breathe Market

For Programmers

1)     5 years Programming experience

2)     Should be willing to learn new languages

3)     Should spend minimum 2 hours every Week day


Benefit: People interested for Knowledge sharing only apply. No monetary Benefit. Ofcourse successful systems developed will be shared withthin the Thinktank team for the benefit of the Members.

  The Flow will be like Create a Hypothesis, Backtest, Forwardtest, Algo it and Deploy

     If interested mail your profile and you market background to technicaltrader615@gmail.com , after which I will give a small task ( a mini test) , If successful we will induct in the Team and take it forward from there. Please also state in the subject which Role you are applying for.

See you on the Team !!!!



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