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We will NEVER share your email, name or phone number with a 3rd party. Your contact details will only be used to send email newsletters, general email correspondence, various promotions and notifications. You may unsubscribe at any time or ask for removal from our database at any time.

Earnings and Performance Disclaimer

Past trade performance or past earnings should NOT be taken as a guarantee or promise that you can achieve the same results. The verbal, written, or audio-visual evidence of prior or future trading earnings or performance is not a guarantee or promise that any person or entity will achieve the same results or performance when they place trades or trade a live account.

The price action strategies taught on this website have been used to trade by the Author in both live market conditions and in testing, but this does not guarantee or promise future profits or losses. If a trader uses the strategies/strategy to make trades or investment decisions, they do so at their own risk. The author and students Technical Trader 615 have in the past used the trading strategies to make both winning trades and losing trades. The author and Technical Trader 615 reasonably believe in good faith that the strategies can be used to form real trading decisions, but those decisions are your own responsibility and we are in no way liable for losses or damages arising from your personal decisions, actions or trades. At no point has any guarantee or promise been made that profits or earnings will arise by following /implementing the Stock market course content or the concepts taught therein. No guarantee is made that similar results will occur to the Author’s. Interpretation plays a role in trading methods/strategies, so what you believe is a trading opportunity may be different to another person’s view of a trade, be aware that a trading strategy without mechanical rules is interpretable, and Technical Trader 615 sor the Author will not accept blame for loss or damages arising from any mis understandings, problems, losses or gains resulting from this mis interpretation.



Technical trader is born out of passion. Passion to learn, Trade and share about Technical analysis of the Stock Markets. We all know context is the important aspect of technical analysis. The Sustenance of a big move or a breakout of a particular stock depends on the context in which the breakout is happening. As a Traders coach we teach you how to develop context and trade the stock market. Especially the Nifty and the Bank Nifty.

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